How To Say German In French

There is no one definitive way to say German in French. However, one possible method is to say “Allemand” with a French accent. This is not the only way to say it, however, and there are many other ways to say it that will be understood as well.

How To Say German In French

In French, “comment dire allemand” is translated as “comment dire l’allemand”.

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  • start by pronouncing the german word as you would in german. 2. pronounce the “ou” sound in french as “oo”. 3. combine the two sounds, saying “goor
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There are a few ways to say “German” in French. One way is to say “allemand,” which is the most direct way to say it. Another way is to say “germanique,” which has a more poetic ring to it. Finally, you can also say “teutonique,” which has a more historical connotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is German Masculine Or Feminine In French?

The gender of a noun in French is determined by the article that is placed before it. If the article is masculine, then the noun is also masculine. If the article is feminine, then the noun is feminine. For example, “le” (masculine) means “the” and “un” (masculine) means “one”. “la” (feminine) means “the” and “une” (feminine) means “one”.

Are German Pronouns Masculine Or Feminine?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the context in which the pronouns are used. In some cases, German pronouns may be considered masculine or feminine depending on the gender of the noun they are referring to. However, there are also cases where German pronouns can be used regardless of the gender of the noun they are referencing.

Is This French Word Masculine Or Feminine?


In The End

There are many ways to say German in French. Some of the most common translations are allemand, teutonique, and germanique.

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