How To Say God Of Death In Japanese

In Japan, the “god of death” is called “shinigami”. Shinigami are usually portrayed as skeletal figures clad in black robes with fearsome appearances. They are often seen carrying a scythe, which symbolizes their role in cutting the “thread of life” and ushering souls into the afterlife. Shinigami are believed to be impartial and just, but they can also be feared for their ability to take away life at any time. In some stories, they are even said to enjoy the taste of human souls. Regardless of how they are portrayed, shinigami are an important part of Japanese culture and beliefs about death.

6 Steps to Say God Of Death In Japanese

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One of the most important things to learn when travelling to Japan is how to say god of death in japanese. This is because the god of death plays an important role in Japanese culture and religion. There are many stories and beliefs surrounding the god of death, and it is considered to be a very powerful and important deity. Therefore, it is important to be able to say god of death in japanese correctly and respectfully in order to avoid any potential problems or misunderstandings.

Step 1: The God Of Death In Japanese Is Called “Shinigami”

The god of death in Japanese is called “shinigami.” To say shinigami in Japanese, you would say “shi-ni-ga-mi.” Shinigami are usually depicted as skeletal figures with black robes and hoods. They carry a scythe, which is used to cut the soul’s silver cord that ties it to the body.

Step 2: Shinigami Is A Fearsome Deity Who Ushers Souls Into The Afterlife

The Shinigami is a fearsome deity who ushers souls into the afterlife. In Japan, the Shinigami is also known as the god of death. This creature is said to be skeletal in appearance and is often depicted carrying a large scythe. The Shinigami is feared by many, but is also respected for its role in the cycle of life and death.

Step 3: Shinigami Is Often Depicted As A Skeleton Dressed In Black Robes

The word shinigami is often used to refer to the god of death in Japan. This god is often depicted as a skeleton dressed in black robes. The word shinigami can be translated to mean “death god” or “death spirit”. Shinigami are said to be responsible for ushering the souls of the dead into the afterlife.

Step 4: In Japanese Mythology, Shinigami Is Said To Be The Spirit Of Death

In Japanese mythology, shinigami is said to be the spirit of death’s step. It is believed that this spirit brings death to those who are about to die and ushers their souls into the afterlife. Shinigami is often depicted as a Grim Reaper-like figure, clad in black with a skeletal face.

Step 5: Shinigami Is Said To Be Able To Judge The Worthiness Of Souls And Determine Their Fate

In Japanese mythology, Shinigami is the god of death. Shinigami is said to be able to judge the worthiness of souls and determine their fate.

Step 6: In Japan, It Is Considered Bad Luck

In Japan, it is considered bad luck to say the word “god of death” out loud. The reason for this belief is that the Japanese word for “god of death” (shinigami) is incredibly difficult to pronounce, and saying it incorrectly can invoke the wrath of the spirits.


Although there are several ways to say “god of death” in Japanese, ōkami no kami is the most commonly used term. This term is used to refer to the deity who controls death and the afterlife.

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