How To Say Going In German

When you want to say “going” in German, you would use the word “gehen.” This word can be used for both “to go” and “to walk.” For example, if you wanted to say “I am going to the store,” you would say “Ich gehe zum Laden.” The word “gehen” is also used as an irregular verb, so it changes in different tenses. For example, “Ich ging zum Laden” would be “I went to the store.”

3 Steps to Say Going In German

In German, the verb “to go” is “gehen”. To say “I am going” in German, you would say “Ich gehe”.

In the German language, the word for “going” is “gehen.” The word “in” is “in,” and the word “German” is “Deutsch.” To say “going in German,” you would say “gehen in Deutsch.” The importance of learning how to say “gehen in Deutsch” is that it is a very basic, but essential, phrase in the German language. By learning how to say this phrase, you will be able to communicate with German speakers more easily and effectively.

Step 1: To Say “Going In German,” One Would Say “Gehen Sie In Deutsch.”

In order to say “going in german,” one would say “gehen sie in deutsch.” First, the word for “going,” which is “gehen,” must be conjugated to match the subject pronoun “sie.” Next, the adverb “in” must be placed before the word for “german,” which is “deutsch.” Finally, one would simply say “sie in deutsch” to complete the sentence.

Step 2: This Is A Very Simple Translation, And There Are Other, More Complex Ways Of Saying “Going In German.”

In German, the word for “going” is “gehen.” There are other ways to say this word, depending on the context in which it is used. For example, the word “fahren” can be used when talking about traveling by car.

Step 3: One Could Also Say “Wie Geht Es Ihnen?” Which Means “How Are You?”

One could also say “wie geht es ihnen?” which means “how are you?”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say You’Re Going Somewhere In German?

In German, you say you’re going to a place by saying the name of the place and adding “gehen” to the end. For example, if you’re going to the store, you would say “Ich gehe zum Laden.”

What Is Bitte Sehr?

Bitte sehr means “please” in German. It is used as a polite way to ask for something or to show gratitude.

How Do You Pronounce German Words Correctly?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Pronunciation of German words will vary depending on the dialect of German spoken. In general, German pronunciation is relatively straightforward – most words are pronounced as they are spelled. There are a few exceptions, however, such as the letter ‘รถ’ which is typically pronounced like the English letter ‘e’ as in ‘bed’.

How Do You Pronounce Bitte Sehr?

The correct pronunciation for “Bitte sehr” is “bit-tuh zair”.


To say “going in German,” say “gehen” followed by the present tense of the verb “wollen,” which is “will.” For example, “Ich will gehen” means “I want to go.”

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