How To Say Good Afternoon In Chinese

In Mandarin, “Good afternoon” is “Zǎo hǎo” (早好).

How To Say Good Afternoon In Chinese

In Chinese, “Good afternoon” is “Zao Shang Hai” 。

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  • say ni hao 2. say xiexie 3. say how are you? 4. respond with ni hao ma or “yes i am good”

There are many ways to say “good afternoon” in Chinese, depending on the region. In Mandarin, one could say “午安 (wǔ ān)”, “你好 (nǐ hǎo)”, or “关怀 (guān huái)”. In Cantonese, one could say “道歉 (dào qiàn)”, “你好啊 (

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reply To Xie Xie?

Thank you for your compliment!

How Do You Say Good Afternoon In Asia?

In Asia, there are a few different ways to say good afternoon. In Mandarin, you can say “zǎoshàng hǎo” or “wǔxiān hǎo”. In Japanese, you can say “kon’nichiwa” or “ohayō gozaimasu”. In Korean, you can say “annyeong haseyo” or “bokjuseyo”.

How Do You Greet In Chinese Afternoon?

In Chinese, afternoon is “xīngqīliù” (星期六). The most common way to greet someone in the afternoon is “Nǐ hǎo” (你好), which means “Hello”.

In The End

Simply greet someone with “你好” (Ni Hao) to say hello and “下午好” (Xia Wu Hao) to say good afternoon.

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