How To Say Good In German

In German, there are a few different ways to say “good.” You can say “Gut,” which is the most basic way to say it, “Schön,” which means “beautiful,” or “Sehr gut,” which is the most formal way to say it and means “very good.”

How To Say Good In German

In German, “Gut” is an adjective which means “good.” It can be used to describe things, people, or emotions. For example: Das Essen schmeckt gut. – The food tastes good. Sie ist eine gute Mutter. – She is a good mother. Ich fühle mich gut. – I feel good.

Pen, paper, language dictionary

  • Say “bitte” to say please
  • Say “danke” to say thank you
  • Say “guten morgen” to say good morning
  • Say “guten tag” to say good afternoon/hello

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Say Good In German?

In German, you say “Gut” to say good.

Do Germans Say Guten Nachmittag?

Yes, Germans say guten nachmittag.

Is Guten Nachmittag Formal?

Yes, Guten nachmittag is formal.

In Summary

In German, “Gut” can be used as a general term meaning “good” or as a specific compliment to describe someone’s good qualities. There are many other ways to say “good” in German, depending on the context.

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