How To Say Good Morning In Hungarian

The Hungarian word for good morning is “Jó reggelt!”

How To Say Good Morning In Hungarian

Hungarian has a few different ways of saying “good morning”. The most common way is “jó reggelt” or “jó napot”.

-Hungarian dictionary -pen or pencil -paper

  • Say “jó reggelt”
  • Mean “good morning”

-How do you say “Good morning” in Hungarian? -Possibly the most common way to say “Good morning” in Hungarian is “Jó reggelt!” -Other variations of “Good morning” include “Jó napot!” and “Kellemes reggelt!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Hello Good Morning In Hungarian?

“Good morning” is “Jó reggelt” in Hungarian.

How Do You Say Goodbye In Hungarian?

“Köszönöm a lehetőséget. Viszontlátásra!”

How Do You Greet Someone In Hungarian?

You greet someone in Hungarian by saying “Szia” (the informal form of “hello”).

Taking Everything Into Account

In Hungarian, “Good morning” is “Jó reggelt”

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