How To Say Good Morning In Swahili

In Swahili, “Good morning” is “Jambo Bwana/Mama”.

How To Say Good Morning In Swahili

In Swahili, you would say “jambo” to say good morning.

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  • Good morning in swahili is “jambo good morning”
  • You can also say “asante sana” which means thank you very much

There are a few ways to say “good morning” in Swahili, depending on how formal you want to be. The most common way is “Jambo”, pronounced “jah-moh”. You can also say “asante sana” ( pronounced “ah-sahn-tay sahn-ah”), which means “thank you very much”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Greet In Kenyan Language?

The greeting in Kenyan language is “jambo”.

What Is The Meaning Of Habari?

The word “habari” is Swahili for “news.” In general usage, it can mean any sort of communication, but more specifically it refers to the transmission of information about current events.

What Does Habari Zenu Mean?

It is Swahili for “our news.”


In summary, Swahili has many expressions used to say good morning. Some of the most common are “Mwah,” “Jambo,” and “Asante sana.”

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