How To Say Good Morning In Swedish

In Swedish, “God morgon!” is how you say “good morning!”

How To Say Good Morning In Swedish

In Swedish, “god morgon” is the most common way to say “good morning”.

1. A dictionary – to look up the meanings of any words you don’t know 2. Audio files or a textbook with audio – to help you with pronunciation 3. A practice partner – someone who can help you practice your Swedish

  • Say ‘god morgon’
  • Optionally, add a smiley emoticon: ‘god morgon :)’

There are a few different ways to say “good morning” in Swedish, depending on what time of day it is. The most common way to say good morning is “god morgon” which is used in the morning before noon. If you are saying good morning after noon, you would say “god dag”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Swedish Girls Greet?

In Sweden, it is customary for people to greet each other with a handshake. However, in some cases, a hug may also be exchanged.

How Does Sweden Say Hello?

The typical way to say hello in Sweden is to say “Hej” or “Trevligt att träffas” which both mean “Nice to meet you”.

Do They Say Hey Hey In Sweden?

There is no one word for “hey” in Sweden, but people generally say “hallå” (which is similar to the Danish “hej” or the Norwegian “hei”).

To Summarize

To say good morning in Swedish, you can say “God Morgon”.

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