How To Say Good Morning In Turkish

Turkish is a Turkic language spoken in Turkey and Cyprus by about 88 million people. It is the most widely spoken of the Turkic languages. Good morning in Turkish is “Günaydın”.

How To Say Good Morning In Turkish

In Turkish, “günaydın” is the standard way to say good morning.

-pen or pencil -paper -a Turkish language textbook or online course

  • ) say “merhaba” to someone when you see them in the morning 2) if you want to be more formal, say “günaydın”

There are a few different ways to say “good morning” in Turkish, depending on how formal or informal you want to be. The most formal way to say “good morning” is “iyi sabahlar” (ee-yee sah-bah-lahr). This is the most literal translation of “good morning” and is typically used among business colleagues or in more formal situations. Another formal way to say “good morning” is “g

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Greet Someone In Turkish?

When greeting someone in Turkish, you should say “Merhaba” (hello).

How Do I Say Hello How Are You In Turkish?

You say “Merhaba, nasılsın?”

What Is Turkish For Hello How Are You?

I cannot answer this question with certainty, as there are several possible translations of “hello” and “how are you” in Turkish. However, a possible translation for “hello” might be “Merhaba”, and a possible translation for “how are you” might be “Nasılsınız?”


In Turkish, “günaydın” is the morning greeting. It means “good morning”.

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