How To Say Good Night In Arabic

Saying goodnight in Arabic can be a little difficult for beginners. The phrase “ma’a salama” is the most common way to say goodnight, but there are other phrases that can be used as well.

How To Say Good Night In Arabic

In Arabic, “good night” can be translated as “shahr ut-tufa” or “ma3a salama”.

There is no one definitive way to say “good night” in Arabic. However, some ways to say it include أنا لا أريد النوم (anā lā ‘urīdu al-nawm), which means “I don’t want to sleep,” and مع السلامة (ma’a salāma), which means “with peace.” In order to say “good night” in Arabic,

  • Optionally, say “inshallah”, meaning “god willing”
  • Repeat the person’s name as you say goodbye
  • Say “ma salama” as you leave

-Good night in Arabic can be said as “Tahya al-layl” or “Masa’ al-layl”. -Both phrases mean “Good night”, but “Masa’ al-layl” is more formal. -You can also say “Sleep well” as “Safa’an khayr”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Respond To Goodnight In Arabic?

In Arabic, the equivalent of “Goodnight” is “Tahya al-Sanaa”. This phrase can be used to say goodbye to someone, or to wish them a good night.

How Do You Respond In Arabic?

When someone speaks to me in Arabic, I either respond in Arabic or I ask them to speak slower so that I can understand.

How Do You Wish Goodnight In Islam?

In Islam, there are many ways to say goodnight. One way is to say “As-salamu alaikum” which means “Peace be upon you.”

To Review

There are many different ways to say goodbye in Arabic, but “good night” is one of the most commonly used phrases. The literal translation is “peaceful night,” so you can use this phrase to wish someone a good night’s sleep.

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