How To Say Goodbye In Turkish

The phrase for “goodbye” in Turkish is “Hoşçakal” or “Hoşça kalın.”

How To Say Goodbye In Turkish

There is no one definitive way to say goodbye in Turkish. However, some common expressions include “Hoşçakalın” (literally “be well”), “Güle güle” (literally “smile and goodbye”), and “İyi ki varsın” (literally “it’s good you’re here”).

-Turks use the term “güle güle” to say goodbye. This phrase literally means “laughing until you go.” -You will need to know how to say “hello” in Turkish in order to say goodbye. “Merhaba” is the word for hello.

  • If you are close with the person, you can say “güle güle”
  • Say goodbye by saying “iyi günler” or “hoşçakal”

There are a few different ways to say goodbye in Turkish, depending on the level of formality you wish to use. The most common way to say goodbye is “Güle güle” which means “Smile and goodbye”. If you want to be more formal, you can say “İyi geceler” which means “Goodnight”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do U Say Hello And Goodbye In Turkish?

Hello is “Merhaba,” and goodbye is “Hoşçakal”

How Do You Say Goodbye In Istanbul?

In Turkish, “hoşçakal” is the typical way to say goodbye.

How You Say See You In Turkish?

“Bir sonraki görüşmek üzere”

To Review

Turkish has a variety of ways to say goodbye, depending on the relationship between the speaker and the person being addressed. Some expressions of parting include “iyi geceler” (goodnight), “hasta olun” (get well soon), “hoşçakalın” (farewell), and “görüşürüz” (see you later).

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