How To Say Goodnight In Czech

To say goodnight in Czech, you would say “Dobrou noc” to someone you know well, or “Dobrý večer” to someone you don’t know as well. You can also say “Na shledanou” ( goodbye) if you won’t be seeing the person for a while. Czech is a Slavic language spoken in the Czech Republic.

4 Steps to Say Goodnight In Czech

Do zobaczenia jutro! (See you tomorrow!)

If you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic, or if you have Czech friends or family, it’s important to know how to say goodnight in Czech. Czech is a Romance language spoken by over 10 million people, primarily in the Czech Republic. Although Czech is not a widely spoken language outside of the Czech Republic, knowing how to say goodnight in Czech can be a valuable skill. There are a few different ways to say goodnight in Czech, depending on the context. The most common way to say goodnight is “dobrou noc” (pronounced “doh-BROW NOHT”). This can be used in any situation, whether you’re saying goodnight to a friend, family member,

Step 1: How To Say Goodnight In Czech Is “Dobrou Noc”

To say goodnight in Czech, you say “dobrou noc.”

Step 2: The Literal Translation Of Dobrou Noc Is “Good Night”

To say “good night” in Czech, you would literally say “dobrou noc.” This phrase is used as is and does not require any further explanation.

Step 3: Dobrou Noc Is A Polite Way To Say Goodnight In Czech

Dobrou noc is a polite way to say goodnight in Czech. To say it, simply say the word “dobrou” (doh-BROW) followed by “noc” (nohts). You can also add the person’s name after “dobrou noc” to make it more personal.

Step 4: You Can Also Say “Na Shledanou” Which Means “Goodbye”

You can say “na shledanou” to mean “goodbye” in Czech.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Good Evening In Czech Republic?

In Czech Republic, one says “dobré večer” to say good evening.

How Do Czech People Say Goodbye?

In Closing

Saying “goodnight” in Czech is as easy as saying “goodnight” in English. You can say “dobrou noc” or “noc” to say “goodnight.”

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