How To Say Goodnight In Greek

There are a few ways to say “goodnight” in Greek. One way is to say “καληνύχτα” (kaliníchta), which is pronounced like “kah-lee-nee-kh-tah”. Another way is to say “ευχαριστώ” (efharistó), which is pronounced like “eh-fhah-rees-TOH”. You can also say “να είμαι καλά” (na eímai kalá), which is pronounced like

2 Steps to Say Goodnight In Greek

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It is important to learn how to say “goodnight” in Greek because it is a sign of respect. When you say “goodnight” in Greek, you are showing that you care about the person you are talking to and that you want to show them your appreciation.

Step 1: How To Say Goodnight In Greek Is “Kalispera”

In Greek, the word for “goodnight” is “kalispera.” To say it, simply say “kalispera” to the person you are talking to. You can also add the person’s name after “kalispera” if you want to be more formal.

Step 2: You Can Also Say “Goodnight My Love” Which Is “Kalinichta Mou”

To say “goodnight” in Greek, you can say “kalinichta” to one person, or “kalinichta sas” to more than one person. You can also say “goodnight my love” which is “kalinichta mou.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Kalinichta In Greek?

The word Kalinichta is derived from the Greek word kalos, meaning “beautiful,” and nikhta, meaning “night.” Kalinichta is therefore translated as “beautiful night.”

What Is Yassas?

Yassas is a Greek word that is used as a greeting, similar to hello.

To Review

There are many ways to say goodnight in Greek. Some of the most common include Καληνύχτα (kalinixta), Καλημέρα (kalimera), and Ποτέ απ’ όλα (pote ap’ olá).

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