How To Say Gorilla In Spanish

In Spanish, the word for gorilla is “gorila”. Gorillas are large apes that live in Africa. They are considered to be very intelligent animals and are known for their strength.

3 Steps to Say Gorilla In Spanish

In today’s increasingly globalized world, it is important for everyone to be able to communicate with people from other cultures. Learning the basics of another language can help break down barriers and open up new opportunities. For example, knowing how to say “gorilla” in Spanish can come in handy when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries or when interacting with Spanish-speakers from other parts of the world. Plus, it’s a fun way to expand your knowledge and build your brain power.

Step 1: Gorilla Is Spelled “Gorila” In Spanish

Gorilla is spelled “gorila” in Spanish. To say gorilla in Spanish, you would say “gorila” (goh-REE-lah).

Step 2: The Word “Gorilla” Is Masculine In Spanish

The Spanish word for gorilla is “gorila.” It is pronounced just like the English word, but with a Spanish accent. The word is masculine in Spanish, so it would be referred to as “el gorila” (the gorilla). To say “a gorilla” in Spanish, you would say “un gorila.”

Step 3: The Word “Gorilla” Means “Ape” In Spanish

The word “gorilla” means “ape” in Spanish. To say gorilla in Spanish, you would say “el gorila.”


The word for “gorilla” in Spanish is “gorila”. While the pronunciation may take a little getting used to, the word is fairly easy to spell and use.

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