How To Say Grandma In Chamorro

In the Chamorro language, “Nana” is the word for grandma. To say “grandma” in Chamorro, say “Nana yan”

How To Say Grandma In Chamorro

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question since there are several dialects of Chamorro, and the word for “grandma” may vary depending on the particular dialect. However, some possible translations of “grandma” into Chamorro include “lola”, “nana”, or “luma”.

Chamorro is a language spoken on the Mariana Islands, which are located in the western Pacific Ocean. There is no one definitive guide to how to say “grandma” in Chamorro, as the word itself may vary depending on the dialect of the speaker. However, some general tips include: In the Northern Marianas, the word for “grandma” is “lola”. In the Southern Marianas, including Guam, the word for “grand

  • first, say “grandma” in english. 2. next, say “nana” in chamorro

1. Check with a Chamorro speaker to get the most accurate way to say “grandma” in Chamorro. 2. There may be multiple ways to say “grandma” in Chamorro, depending on the dialect. 3. Make sure you practice how to say “grandma” before using it in conversation with a Chamorro speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Guma Mean In Chamorro?

Guma (Chamorro: gu’ma) is a Chamorro word meaning “grandmother.”

What Is Guma?

Guma is a term used in the Basque Country to refer to a variety of smoked sausages. The most common type of guma is made with pork, but other varieties can be made with beef, lamb, or poultry.

What’S Your Name In Chamorro?

My Chamorro name is “Katherine.”


There are a few different ways to say grandma in Chamorro, depending on what region of the Mariana Islands you are from. The most common way to say it is “lola”, but you can also say “nana” or “abuela”.

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