How To Say Grandma In Cherokee

There are a few different ways to say grandmother in Cherokee. One way is “e-da-nv-da,” which is pronounced Ay-dah-nuh-dah. Another way is “a-nv-da-e-nv-da,” which is pronounced Ah-nuh-dah-ay-nuh-dah. And the last way is “da-nv-ha-e-nv-da,” which is pronounced Dah-nuh-hah-ay-nuh-dah.

3 Steps to Say Grandma In Cherokee

Cherokee words with audio (no reading necessary). This means you are being very honest and sincere in everything you do. The two main languages were Cherokee, also known as Tsa-la-gi, spoken by the majority of the people, and Choctaw, spoken by many of the people in the west. Here are some Cherokee words I have found. We have asked some of our members to write down a few phrases that they frequently use. The Cherokee language is an Iroquoian language spoken by the Cherokee people (historically spelled Tsalagi) that is related to other Iroquoian languages. Cherokee has three dialects: Western

It is important to learn how to say grandma in Cherokee because Cherokee is a very important language to the Cherokee people. The Cherokee language is a very important part of the Cherokee culture and heritage. The Cherokee people have a rich culture and heritage that is worth preserving. The Cherokee language is one of the many ways that the Cherokee people preserve their culture and heritage.

Step 1: The Word For Grandma In Cherokee Is “Nanyehi”

The word for grandma in Cherokee is “nanyehi.” To say it, start by saying “nanye” then add “hi” at the end.

Step 2: You Say “Nanyehi” By Saying The Word “Grandma” And Then Adding “Hi” To The End

In the Cherokee language, the word for “grandma” is “nanyehi.” To say “nanyehi” by saying the word “grandma” and then adding “hi” to the end, you would say “grandma hi.”

Step 3: The Word “Nanyehi” Translates To “The One Who Gives Life”

The word “nanyehi” translates to “the one who gives life”. This is how you would say “grandma” in Cherokee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Mama In Cherokee?

The word for “mother” in Cherokee is “ama”.

How Do You Say Grandfather In Cherokee?

The Cherokee word for grandfather is ata-tsi-ya.

What Do Cherokee People Call Their Grandma?

The Cherokee people call their grandmothers “Nanyehi” which means “Great Woman.”


The Cherokee language has numerous words for grandmother, depending on the relationship of the speaker to the grandmother. The most generic word is “nuni,” which can be used by anyone. For grandchildren, “nuni-tsi” is used, while for children’s mothers, “nuni-yi” is used. For fathers’ mothers, “nuni-da” is used, and for fathers’ fathers’ mothers, “nuni-hi” is used.

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