How To Say Great In French

In French, there are a few ways to say “great”. You can say “fantastique”, “magnifique”, or “genial”. These all mean roughly the same thing in English. If you want to be more specific, you can say “c’est super” or “c’est génial”.

3 Steps to Say Great In French

When it comes to describing something as great, the French have a few different options. One way to say it is “C’est magnifique!” This phrase is often used to describe a beautiful scene, such as a sunset. Another option is “C’est génial!” This can be used to describe anything that is fantastic or wonderful. For example, you might say “That new restaurant is great!” Finally, you could also use the phrase “C’est super!” to describe something as great. This is a more general term that can be used for anything from a great party to a great performance.

The importance of learning how to say “great” in French cannot be understated. Not only will it allow you to better communicate with French speakers, but it will also give you a better understanding of the French language and culture. Furthermore, learning how to say “great” in French will also improve your pronunciation of other French words and phrases.

Step 1: How To Say “Great” In French

To say “great” in French, you can use the word “grand(e)” or “génial(e)”. For example, you could say “C’est grand !” or “C’est génial !”

Step 2: The Pronunciation Of “Great” In French

To say great in french, start by saying “grand” pronounced like “grawn.” To make it plural, say “grands” pronounced like “grawns.” To make it possessive, say “grande” pronounced like “grawn-duh.” For example, to say “Great job!” you would say “Bon travail!”

Step 3: The Translation Of “Great” In French

“Great” can be translated to “fantastique” or “magnifique” in French.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cool French Slang?

There is a lot of cool French slang, but some of my favorites include “épuisé” which means exhausted, “gros naze” which means big idiot, and “claqué” which means broke.

How Do You Say Super In French?

The French word for “super” is “super”.

What Is Excellent In French?

The French language is known for its elegance and precision. It is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn, but the effort is well worth it for its unique sounds and rhythms. French is also a very versatile language, with a rich culture and history that make it a valuable asset in any field.

In Closing

To say “great” in French, say “grand.” Grand can mean both “big” and “great,” so it’s a versatile word to know.

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