How To Say Hair In Spanish

There is no one definitive way to say “hair” in Spanish. Depending on the region of Spain and the country of origin of the speaker, different terms may be used. Some common ways to say “hair” in Spanish are pelo, cabello, and mechones.

How To Say Hair In Spanish

In Spanish, “hair” is “pelo.” This can be used for both men and women’s hair.

There is no one definitive answer to this question. To say “hair” in Spanish, you may need to use different words depending on whether you are talking about someone’s head hair, facial hair, chest hair, pubic hair, or animal fur. Additionally, the specific word you use may vary depending on the gender of the person or animal involved. Some possible translations for “hair” are pelo, cabello, vello, and pelaje.

  • To say “hair” in spanish, say “el cabello”

1.There are a few different ways to say “hair” in Spanish, depending on the gender of the person and the number of hairs being referred to. 2. Generally, “el pelo” is used for male hair, while “la peluca” is used for female hair or a wig. 3. If you are referring to a single hair, you can use either “un pelo” or “una cabellera”. 4. The

Frequently Asked Questions

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How are you?

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How is your hair mean? – My hair is straight and I have a lot of it.

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How do you say “What is your name?” in English?


There are a few different ways to say hair in Spanish, all of which are used interchangeably depending on the context. Pelo is the most common word for hair, and can be used either as a standalone word or in conjunction with other words to describe different types of hair. Cabello is also a word for hair, and is typically used to describe longer or thicker hair. Pelo rizo is curly hair, while pelo liso is straight hair.

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