How To Say Happy Birthday In Dutch

In the Netherlands, people say “gefeliciteerd” to someone on their birthday. This is a word that can be translated to mean “congratulations.”

How To Say Happy Birthday In Dutch

In Dutch, one would say “happy birthday” as “gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag”.

For how to say happy birthday in Dutch, you will need some basic Dutch vocabulary, including the words for “happy,” “birthday,” and “Dutch.” You will also need to be able to pronounce the Dutch words correctly.

  • Write out the dutch phrase for “happy birthday”
  • Froeselijk verjaardag
  • Say “happy birthday” to a dutch speaker
  • Pronounce the phrase

-When wishing someone a happy birthday in Dutch, you can say “gefeliciteerd!” or “happy birthday!” -You can also say “leve je verjaardag!” which means “long live your birthday!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Happy Birthday Mean In Dutch?

The Dutch word for “happy birthday” is “gefeliciteerd”. It means “congratulations” or “well done”.

What Is A Dutch Birthday?

A Dutch birthday is traditionally celebrated by eating a piece of cake called a “krokant taart”.

How Do You Say Happy Birthday In Pa Dutch?

In Pennsylvania Dutch, “happy birthday” is pronounced “gevatte birhtdaag”.

To Review

In Dutch, there are a few different ways to say happy birthday. You can say “gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag”, “happy birthday” or “lang zal ze leven”.

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