How To Say Hello In Igbo

Hello in Igbo is “Kedu”

How To Say Hello In Igbo

In Igbo, the most common way to say hello is “Ndewo.” You can also say “Orie,” “Kedu?” or “Ibere?”

There is no one definitive way to say “hello” in Igbo. Depending on the dialect, there may be multiple words or phrases that can be used. Some common greetings include “Orie?” (Are you okay?), “Kedu aga?” (How are you?), and “Ikenna nwanyi?” (Welcome).

  • Say “hello”
  • Say “how are you?”
  • Say your name

– There are a few different ways to say hello in Igbo, depending on the dialect. In general, however, “Good morning” is “Orie nkem” or “Orie mma”, and “Good afternoon” is “Onye nweghi”. – Another common way to say hello is “Kedu?”, which can be used either in the morning or the afternoon. – Some people also say “Igbo gi”, which means “Ig

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Greet Someone In Igbo?

Igbo is a language spoken in Nigeria. In Igbo, people say “Ọ di ọ?” which means “How are you?”

How Do You Say Goodbye In Igbo?

‘Goodbye’ in Igbo is ‘Ika ni’.

How Do You Greet In Igbo?

There is no one way to greet in Igbo, as the language has many dialects. However, common greetings include “Orie?”, which means “How are you?” and “Umu igbo”, which means “I am Igbo”.

To Summarize

In Igbo, “Ọdị́na” is the most common way to say “hello”. It is used both as a formal greeting and as a casual greeting. Other informal greetings include “Kedu?” and “Ọranyan?”.

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