How To Say Hello In Indonesian

Hello in Indonesian is “Selamat Pagi” which means good morning. Alternatively, you can say “Hi” which is “Hi” in Indonesian.

How To Say Hello In Indonesian

There are a few ways to say hello in Indonesian, depending on the level of formality you want to use. The most common way to say hello is Halo, which is less formal than the other greetings. Selamat pagi is the formal way to say good morning, Selamat sore is the formal way to say good afternoon, and Selamat malam is the formal way to say good evening.

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  • Say “i’m sorry”
  • Say “goodbye”
  • Say “thank you”
  • Say “hello”

– hello is “selamat pagi” or “selamat sore” – good morning is “selamat pagi” – good afternoon is “selamat sore” – good evening is “selamat malam” – thank you is “terima kasih”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Respond To Selamat?

I would say “Thank you”.

How Do You Reply To Selamat Pagi?

Selamat pagi is a polite way to say hello in Indonesian. The most common reply is also Selamat pagi, but other replies could include Halo or Kalimat tulus.

How Do You Say Selamat Pagi?

“Selamat Pagi” is translated to “Good Morning” in English.

In The End

In Indonesian, “hello” is “selamat pagi” (morning), “selamat siang” (daytime), or “selamat malam” (night).

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