How To Say Hello In Marshallese

Hello in Marshallese is “Kōjām le”.

How To Say Hello In Marshallese

In Marshallese, the word for “hello” is “yáak.”

There is no one definitive way to say hello in Marshallese. However, some greetings that could be used are: Kōjām̧ (Good morning), Jālwōj (Hello), and Ña jālwōj (How are you?).

  • Marshallese is a language spoken in the marshall islands
  • To say hello in marshallese, you say “yōōl”

There are many ways to say hello in Marshallese, depending on the context and the relationship between the speakers. Some of the most common greetings include “mina” (hello), “malō” (good morning), “kein jān” (good evening), and “wōjō” (goodnight). In a formal situation, such as when meeting someone for the first time, it is customary to say “bwōlen māj” (how

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Kommol Tata Mean?

Kommol Tata is a traditional Khmer greeting that means “hello, how are you?”

How Do You Say Love In Marshallese?

In Marshallese, the word for love is “iien.”

How Do You Greet Someone In Marshallese?

In Marshallese, there are a few different ways to greet someone, depending on their relationship to you. If you are greeting a friend, you might say “Aelōñ ke?” or “Aelōñ ad?” If you are greeting an elder, you might say “Kōrā e?”

In The End

In Marshallese, the two most common ways to say “hello” are “Kōllāj” and “Nōjō.”

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