How To Say Hi In Polish

In Polish, there are a few ways to say “hello” or “hi.” The most common way to say “hello” is “dzien dobry” (jehn doh-bree). This is pronounced like “jean doh-bry.” To say “hi,” you can say “cześć” (cheshtch), which is pronounced like “cheshtch.” You can also say “pozdrawiam” (

How To Say Hi In Polish

There are a few different ways that you can say “hello” in Polish. The most common way to say “hello” is “cześć” (ch-esh-ch). You can also say “dzień dobry” (jehn doh-vry), which means “good day.” Another way to say hello is “witaj” (vee-tahy), which means “welcome.”

-pen or pencil -paper -translation dictionary (optional)

  • Witaj!
  • Cześć!
  • Howdy!

– hello, how are you? – hi, how are you? – good morning!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Hello In Polish?

Hello in Polish is “Cześć”.

How Is Czesc Pronounced?

The Polish word for “hello” is “Cześć.” It is pronounced “Chess-ch.”

How Do You Say Good Morning In Polish?

In Polish, you say “dzień dobry” to say good morning.

In The End

Polish greetings are very formal, and it can be confusing to know how to properly say hello. The most common way to say hello in Polish is dzień dobry (day dob-ry), which means “good day.” You can also say cześć (chesh-ch), which means “hello” or “goodbye.”

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