How To Say Hi In Shona

Hello, how are you? Nde ndiyo? (Pronounced “N-day N-dee-yo”) How are you doing? Saka nyaya? (Pronounced “Sah-kah nee-yah-yah”)

How To Say Hi In Shona

There is no one definitive way to say “hello” in Shona. However, some expressions you may hear include “Mambo?”, “Zvinoda kukunda?”, or “Unenge unenge unenge?”

There is no one definitive way to say “hello” in Shona. Some possible phrases include “Mungu akupa umugore we”, which means “God give me a wife”; “Ndinoda kutenda nekufa”, which means “I need to love and die”; and “Zvakaita zvinhu zvinodiwa”, which means “Things that are given are appreciated.”

  • “good morning”
  • Say hello
  • “good afternoon” “good evening” “how are you?” “i’m fine, thank you.”

Some people might say “Zviri zvichaita?” which means “How are you?” in Shona. Others might say “Mukaenda kuchikoro?” which means “Where are you going?”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do U Say Hi In Zimbabwe?

In Zimbabwe, people say “hello” or “hi” by saying “zvakwana.”

How Do You Spell Hello In Shona?

There is no one definitive way to spell “hello” in Shona. Some common variants include hlabelela, elabelela, and haleluya.

What’S Hello In Zimbabwe?

Hello is shumba in Zimbabwe.


In Zimbabwe, the predominant language is Shona. There are many different ways to say “hello” in Shona, but the most common way is “Munhu wese anenge akandiikwa” which means “everyone will be called.”

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