How To Say How Are You In Hebrew

There are few ways how to say “How are you?” in Hebrew. The most common one is “Ma Nishma?” (מה נשמע?), but there are also other variations: “Shalom” (שלום), “Toda” (תודה), and “Boker Tov” (בוקר טוב).

How To Say How Are You In Hebrew

The Hebrew greeting for “How are you?” is “Mah zeh?,” pronounced “mah zeh?”

You will need a Hebrew dictionary, and some knowledge of Hebrew grammar.

  • I’m good, thank you for asking. and you?
  • How are you?

There are a few ways to say “how are you” in Hebrew. The most common way is “ma nishma?” which literally means “what’s the matter?” or “what’s up?” Another way to ask someone how they are doing is to say “tachles,” which means “let’s get to the point.” A third way, and possibly the most polite, is to say “shalom,” which is Hebrew for “hello” or “peace.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Answer How Are You In Hebrew?

In Hebrew, the answer to “How are you?” is “מה שלומך?” (mah shlomkha).

How Do You Say How Do You Say In Hebrew?

In Hebrew, the phrase “How do you say?” is “Mah zeh ira?”

How Do You Search In Hebrew?

To search in Hebrew, you can use Google’s Hebrew interface. You can also use a Hebrew keyboard to type in Hebrew.

In Closing

In Hebrew, “How are you?” can be translated as “Mah she’rabah?” or “Kama ze’rabah?”

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