How To Say How Are You In Swedish

In Swedish, you say “Hur mår du?” to ask someone how they are doing.

How To Say How Are You In Swedish

The most common way to say “How are you?” in Swedish is “Hur mår du?” However, there are a few other phrases that can also be used: “Vad har du för dig?” or “Vad gör du?”

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  • Respond with ‘bra, tack’ if you are doing well, or ‘det är okej’ if you are doing okay
  • Use ‘hur är det?’ to ask someone how they are doing

To say how are you in Swedish, you can say “Hur mår du?”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Greet Someone In Swedish?

In Swedish, you would say “Hej” to someone when you first meet them, and then say “Tack” when they say “Hej” back to you.

How Do You Say Basic Words In Swedish?

You say “Hello” as “Hej”, “Thank you” as “Tack”, and “I don’t understand” as “Jag förstår inte”.

How Do You Say Swedish Greetings?

There are a few Swedish greetings, but the most common one is “Hej” which means “Hello.”

To Review

In Swedish, “How are you?” can be translated as “Hur mår du?”

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