How To Say I Am Happy In Spanish

In Spanish, “estoy feliz” is how you would say “I am happy.”

How To Say I Am Happy In Spanish

In Spanish, “Estoy feliz” is how you say “I am happy.”

In order to say “I am happy” in Spanish, you will need to know how to say “I am” and “happy.” The Spanish word for “I am” is “yo soy,” and the Spanish word for “happy” is “feliz.” To say “I am happy,” you would say “yo soy feliz.”

  • say “soy feliz.” 2. use an adverb to describe how you feel. 3. use the present indicative verb form to say that you are always happy

1. First, say “Estoy feliz” to express that you are happy. 2. You can also use other phrases to say you are happy, such as “Mi vida está llena de alegría” or “Soy feliz”. 3. Make sure to use the correct pronunciation for these phrases, as they will sound different depending on how you say them. 4. Be sure to use the right context when saying these

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In Closing

In Spanish, “I am happy” can be translated as “Estoy feliz.” This phrase is easy to remember because it is similar to the English phrase “I am happy.”

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