How To Say King In Other Languages

There are many ways to say “king” in other languages. Here are a few: Roi (French) Re (Spanish) Rey (Portuguese, Catalan, Galician) Konig (German) Rex (Latin) Sovrano (Italian)

How To Say King In Other Languages

In Spanish, the word for “king” is rey. In French, it is roi. In German, it is könig. In Italian, it is re. And in Portuguese, it is rei.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the translation of “king” may vary depending on the language in question. However, some essential tools and materials that could be used for translating “king” into other languages include a dictionary, a thesaurus, and/or a translation software program.

  • In italian, you would say “re
  • In german, you would say “könig”
  • To say king in spanish, you would say “rey”
  • In french, you would say “roi”

-In Spanish, “rey” is the word for king. -In French, “roi” is the word for king. -In Portuguese, “rei” is the word for king. -In German, “König” is the word for king. -In Italian, “re” is the word for king. -In Dutch, “koning” is the word for king.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say God In Different Languages?

There is no one word for “God” in all languages. Depending on the language, the word for “God” may be derived from a root word that means “to be great,” “to be powerful,” or “to be good.” For example, in Spanish, the word for “God” is Dios. In French, the word for “God” is Dieu. In German, the word for “God” is Gott.

How Do You Say King In Ancient Languages?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the term “king” can be translated a variety of ways depending on the ancient language in question. For example, the Latin word “rex” can mean “king” or “lord.” The Hebrew word “melekh” can also mean “king” or “leader.”

How Do You Say Throne In Different Languages?

Throne is translated to Spanish as trono, French as trône, German as Thron, Italian as trono, and Portuguese as trono.

In Summary

There are many different ways to say king in other languages. Some examples include rei in Portuguese, roi in French, and rex in Latin. Each language has its own unique way of expressing the concept of kingship, which can be interesting to learn about.

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