How To Say Lay Down In Spanish

In Spanish, “lay down” can be translated as “acostarse”. This verb is conjugated in the first person singular form as “acostaré”, in the second person singular form as “acostarás”, in the third person singular form as “acostará”, and so on. To say “lay down your weapons” in Spanish, you would say “lay down your weapons” or “deja caer tus armas”.

How To Say Lay Down In Spanish

To say “lay down” in Spanish, say “acuéstese”.

-You will need a Spanish dictionary. -You will also need someone to help you practice your pronunciation.

  • First, say “llévate”
  • Lastly, say ” cama”
  • Then, add “la” to the end

There are a few different ways to say “lay down” in Spanish. You can say “acostarse,” “dormir,” or “reposar.” Each word has a slightly different meaning, but they all generally mean the same thing: to lie down.

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Cómo In Spanish Mean?

How in Spanish mean? Cómo in Spanish means “How?”

What Is Meaning Of Como Estas?

“How are you?”

Which Language Is Como Esta?

The phrase “Como esta?” is Spanish for “How are you?”

To Review

In Spanish, the phrase for “lay down” is “acostarse”. This is a verb meaning “to lie down”, and it can be conjugated accordingly depending on who is doing the action. For example, “I am going to lie down” would be “voy a acostarme”, and “you will lie down” would be “te vas a acostar”.

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