How To Say Lol In Japanese

In Japan, the word “lol” is most commonly used as an interjection to indicate laughter, and is often written in hiragana (そらっ). The word can be used in place of “aha” or “hehe” to express amusement.

How To Say Lol In Japanese

ありがとう (arigato) is how to say “thank you” in Japanese. しつれい (shitsurei) is how to say “sorry” in Japanese. またね (mata ne) is how to say “see you later” in Japanese.

1. A computer or phone with internet access. 2. A Japanese keyboard or app. 3. patience

  • レンゲをかけて笑って (renge o kakete waratte
  • Laugh out loud

1. How to say “lol” in Japanese: There is no one definitive way to say “lol” in Japanese. Some people might say “rofl” (ロールプレイング, rōrupurēningu), while others might say “lmao” (エルメート, erumēto). There are many variations, so it’s best to ask a native speaker how they would say it. 2. Pron

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Japanese Version Of Lol?

There is not a Japanese version of LOL. LOL is an acronym for “laugh out loud” and is used informally online to indicate when something is funny. In Japan, people use the phrase “koi no yokushiryoku” which translates to “love power” to indicate when something is funny.

Why Is Kusa Used As Lol?

Kusa is used as lol because it is a shortened form of the word “laughing out loud.”

What Does Kusa Mean?

KUSA is an acronym for “Keep Us Safe America.” It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2007 to help protect the homeland against terrorism.


In Japan, “lol” is written as “ロリ” and pronounced as “rori.” It is typically used to indicate that something is funny or amusing.

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