How To Say Love In Maori

In the Maori language there are many ways to say “I love you.” Some of the most common include “ka pai te karero” (I am very happy to talk with you), “ka whakamahia e au ki a koe” (I use you), and “ka rawe te manu o te raki” (The bird of the sky is beautiful).

How To Say Love In Maori

There is no one definitive way to say “love” in Maori. However, some possible phrases include “rau rangatira” (loved by chiefs), “rau aroha” (loved by many), or simply “aku au ki a koe” (I love you).

In order to say “love” in Maori, you will need some basic knowledge of the language, as well as a few specific words. First, you will need to learn how to say “I love you” in Maori. The phrase is “Ka au te iu nei”. You can also say “I love you very much” by saying “Ka au te iu katoa”. Next, you will need to learn how to say “love” in Ma

  • spell out the word “love” in maori 2. pronounce the word “love” in maori 3. use the word “love” in a sentence

There are many ways to say “love” in Maori, depending on the context and the emotion being expressed. Some expressions of love include “aha,” which means “beloved;” “ka whakahokia te wairua,” which means “to fill the spirit;” and “kia mahara,” which means “to be grateful for.” Additionally, there are many idiomatic phrases that can be used to describe love, such as “he mea nui,” which means

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Aroha Nui?

Aroha nui is a Māori term meaning “great love”. It is often used to describe the love between family members or friends, but can also be used to describe the love of nature or a higher power.

How Do You Say My Love In Te Reo?

In te reo, you say “my love” as “te aroha o taku”.

Does Word Aroha Mai Mean?

The word aroha Mai is a Maori word that means love.


There are many ways to say “love” in Maori, including “aita,” “amai,” “haruru,” and “whakamamahia.” While the translations of these words vary depending on the context, they all generally mean something along the lines of “to cherish,” “to adore,” or “to be devoted to.”

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