How To Say No In Arabic

The Arabic word for “no” is “la.” To say “no” in Arabic, you would say “la,” followed by the word “ma’a,” which means “with me.”

How To Say No In Arabic

One way to say “no” in Arabic is “laa,” but there are other ways to say “no” in Arabic, too. Each dialect of Arabic has its own way of saying “no.” In some cases, the word for “no” is the same as the word for “not.”

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the tools and materials needed for learning how to say “no” in Arabic will vary depending on your level of fluency and the particular dialect of Arabic you are studying. However, some basic tools that may be useful for learning how to say “no” in Arabic include a dictionary, a grammar book, and audio recordings of native speakers. Additionally, it may be helpful to practice saying “no” in various

  • To say “no” in arabic, say “laa”
  • If you want to add emphasis, you can say “laa, wallaahi” which means “no, by allah”

1. In order to say “no” in Arabic, you can use the word “la” لا. 2. You can also use the phrase “I don’t want to” which is “Ana ma3akum la” أنا معكم لا. 3. You can also say “I’m not interested” which is “Ana be3dakom la” أنا بعد

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Word For No In Arabic?

The word for “no” in Arabic is “laa.”

How Do You Politely Decline In Arabic?

In Arabic, there are a few ways to say “no” politely. You can say “أنا لا أفهم” which means “I don’t understand,” or “ليس هناك ما اخترت” which means “There is nothing I want.”

What Does Mafi Mean In Arabic?

Mafi is an Arabic word that can be translated to mean “nothing.” It is often used as a response when someone asks what you want or need.


We have seen how to say no in Arabic by using the word “la” لا. It is important to remember that this word can also mean “no” in other contexts, such as when refusing an offer or declining an invitation.

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