How To Say Please In Chinese


How To Say Please In Chinese

In Chinese, “please” is usually translated as “xie xie” (谢谢), pronounced like “sheh sheh”. This word is a polite form of “thank you”, and is used to show gratitude for favors or assistance. It can be used either as a standalone word or as part of a sentence. For example: Nǐ yào shén me? 你要什么?

To say “please” in Chinese, you can say “请” (qǐng).

  • say ni2hao3 2. add ma3 to the end 3. say ma3 4. add xiexie

1. 下面是几种中文的“请”的表达方式: 2. 请注意,不同的国家和地区有不同的用法。 3. 如果你想表达“

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Ask Politely In Chinese?

In Chinese, there are a few different ways to say “please.” 您好,请问…… “Hello, may I ask……” 请问…… “Can I ask……” 可以请教…… “Can you tell me……”

Is There A Chinese Word For Yes?

There is not a Chinese word specifically for “yes.” However, 是 (shì) is a word that can be used to mean “yes” or “correct.”

How Do Chinese People Say Please?

The way to say “please” in Chinese is 劫 (pī), followed by the word 请 (qǐng).

In Closing

In Chinese, “please” can be translated as “xiexie”, which is a polite word that can be used to show gratitude. It can also be used to ask for favors or to show politeness when speaking to someone.

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