How To Say Please In Tongan

In Tongan, “please” can be translated as “koe”, which is pronounced like “koh-eh”. This word is always used at the beginning of a sentence, and it means “please give me”.

How To Say Please In Tongan

In Tongan, the word for please is ‘kamata’. It is pronounced ‘kah-mah-tah’.

There is no one definitive way to say please in Tongan. However, some common phrases that can be used include: Faka-faka  Ľofa atu koe (Thank you very much) Faka-faka  Ľofa (Thank you) Lau fakataha (You’re welcome)

  • Say ‘fa’afetuhi’
  • Example: fa’afetuhi, koe lava
  • Add the word ‘please’ after it

There are various ways to say please in Tongan. The most common way is to say ‘fa’afetai’, which is translated as ‘thank you’. Another way to say please is to use the word ‘manuia’, which means ‘you’re welcome’.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Cheers In Tongan?

“Ki he taonga mo toku kingitanga” is the Tongan translation for “Cheers”.

How Do You Say Happy In Tongan?

The Tongan word for “happy” is “manaia”.

What Does Ma U Ha Aho Fiefie Mean?

The phrase “ma u ha Aho Fiefie” is a combination of the words “ma” (meaning “What?”), “u” (a possessive marker), “aho” (meaning “grandfather”), and “fiefie” (a term of endearment). Thus, the phrase can be translated as “What’s up, Grandpa?”


In Tongan, the word for please is ‘fakamole’. This can be used as a standalone word, or at the end of a sentence as a polite request. For example: ‘Kuo fakamole ia koe’ means ‘please forgive me’.

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