How To Say Pretty In Different Languages

There is no one definitive way to say “pretty” in different languages. However, generally speaking, the word “pretty” can be translated to mean “beautiful,” “attractive,” or “gorgeous.” Depending on the language and context, there may be other words or expressions that are used to describe someone or something as being pretty.

How To Say Pretty In Different Languages

Pretty is a word that is often used to describe something that is considered to be attractive. It can be used to describe a person, an object, or a situation. Here are some translations of the word “pretty” into other languages. Spanish: Hermoso Italian: Bella Mandarin: Piàoliang Japanese: Kirei

This project requires a few materials, which are easy to find. You will need some paper, a writing utensil, and a way to record your voice. If you want to say pretty in different languages, you will also need access to different language dictionaries.

  • In spanish, “pretty” is “bonito/a”
  • In french, “pretty” is “jolie”
  • In german, “pretty
  • In italian, “pretty” is “bella”

How to say “pretty” in different languages: In French, “jolie” is the word for pretty. In Spanish, “hermosa” is the word for pretty. In Italian, “bella” is the word for pretty. In German, “schön” is the word for pretty. In Dutch, “mooi” is the word for pretty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Beautiful In 100 Languages?

Arabic: جميل Bulgarian: чудесен Cantonese: 呀妹 Catalan: Preciós Chinese: 美丽 Croatian: Prekrasan Czech: Krásný Danish: Smuk Dutch: Prachtig English: Beautiful Estonian: Ilus Finnish: Kaunis French: Beau German: Schön

How Do You Say Stunning In Other Languages?

Arabic: رائعة Cantonese: 好醜 Dutch: prachtig Finnish: upea French: magnifique German: atemberaubend Greek: άψογη

How Do You Say Gorgeous In Different Languages?

In Spanish, “gorgeous” is “hermoso.”In French, “gorgeous” is “ravissant.”In Italian, “gorgeous” is “ravishing.”In German, “gorgeous” is “wunderschön.”In Dutch, “gorgeous” is “mooi.”


How to say pretty in different languages: Arabic: جميلة Belarusian: характарныя Bulgarian: хубава Catalan: bonica Czech: krásná Danish: smuk Dutch: mooi Esperanto: bela Finnish: kaunis French: jolie Galician: bonita Georgian: შესანიშნავი German: schön

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