How To Say Shape In Spanish

There’s no one definitive way to say “shape” in Spanish. However, some possible translations include forma, figura, and configuración. Additionally, there are a variety of adjectives that can be used to describe shapes, such as redondo (round), cuadrado (square), and triangular (triangular).

How To Say Shape In Spanish

In Spanish, the word for “shape” is “forma.”

There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, some possible tools and materials that could be used for learning how to say “shape” in Spanish include textbooks, online resources, flashcards, and dictionaries. Additionally, it may be helpful to practice speaking with a Spanish-speaking friend or teacher in order to improve pronunciation and fluency.

  • To say the name of a shape in spanish, use the article “el” for singular shapes and “las” for plural shapes. for example, to say “
  • In spanish, shapes are called “figuras geometricas.”

-There are a few different ways to say “shape” in Spanish, depending on the context. -Generally, the word for “shape” is “forma.” This can be used to describe the shape of an object or the form of something abstract. -Another word for “shape” is “figura.” This is often used when referring to the shape of a person or animal. -A more specific word for describing the shape of an object is “contorno

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How do you say “I speak English” in Spanish? I speak English.

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Como se dice is a phrasebook that allows you to look up translations of words and phrases from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. It can be used to help improve your language skills, or to just help you get by when traveling in a Spanish-speaking country.


There are a few ways to say “shape” in Spanish. You can say “forma,” “figura,” or “diseño.” All of these words mean essentially the same thing, but they can be used in different contexts.

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