How To Say Sister In Arabic

Sisters are very important in Arab culture. Sisters are the closest people to one another in an Arab family after the parents. Sisters share a special bond and are always there for each other. The word for sister in Arabic is أخت (akh).

How To Say Sister In Arabic

In Arabic, there are a few ways to say “sister.” The most common way is أخت (akh) which is the feminine word for “sister.” Another way to say sister is أخ (akh), which is the masculine word for sister.

There is no one definitive way to say “sister” in Arabic, as the word can have different meanings depending on the context. However, some ways to say “sister” in Arabic include “akhawat,” “sittah,” and “umm.”

  • say “sister” in arabic by saying “akhu” 2. use the informal form of “you” by saying “anta” 3. add a suffix that indicates that the speaker is addressing a female, which

1. There are many ways to say “sister” in Arabic, depending on the region you are from. 2. The most common way to say “sister” is أخت (akhut), which is used in most of the Arab world. 3. Another way to say “sister” is أخ (akh), which is used in North Africa and some parts of the Arab world. 4. Yet another way

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Call Your Sister In Islam?

Sisters in Islam are typically called “sister” in most Muslim cultures.

How Do You Say Sister In Islam?

The word “sister” in Islam is أخت which is pronounced as “akh-tah”.

How Do You Say Brother In Islam?

The word for brother in Islam is أخ, pronounced “akh”.


Sisters are very important in Arab culture. In fact, the Arabic word for sister, “akhawah,” is used as a term of affection and respect. Sisters are typically very close, and they often support and look out for each other.

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