How To Say Some In Spanish

There are many ways to say “some” in Spanish, depending on the context. For example, you might say “algunos” to mean “some,” “a few,” or “some of them.” You might also say “pocos” to mean “few,” “a little,” or “not many.”

How To Say Some In Spanish

In Spanish, there are a few different ways to say “some.” You can say “algunos,” “una parte,” or “un poco.” “Algunos” means “some” in the sense of “a few,” while “una parte” means “some” in the sense of “part.” “Un poco” means “a little.”

A dictionary, a pen or pencil, and paper.

  • begin by saying “quiero decirte algo” or “tengo que decirte algo” 2. next, say what it is that you want to say in spanish 3. finish by

There are a few ways to say “some” in Spanish. “Algunos” is the most common, and it means “some” or “a few”. You can also use “unos”, which means “some” or “a few”. Lastly, you can use “cualquieros”, which means “any”.

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Cómo Say De Say Meaning?

In Spanish, “¿Cómo se dice?” means “How do you say?”

¿Cómo Estás What That Mean?

How are you. This is a question asking about someone’s wellbeing.

How Do You Respond When Someone Says Como Estas?

I typically say “I’m good, thank you for asking.”

To Review

In Spanish, there are a variety of ways to say “some.” “Algunos,” “una poca,” and “un poco” are all translations for “some.” Depending on the context, any of these phrases can be used to describe a small quantity or a portion of something.

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