How To Say Telephone In Spanish

In Spanish, the word for telephone is teléfono. This word is a masculine noun, so it takes a masculine article (el). To say “the telephone,” you would say el teléfono.

How To Say Telephone In Spanish

There are a few different ways to say “telephone” in Spanish. You can say “el teléfono,” “el teléfono móvil,” or “el teléfono celular.”

Telephone in Spanish is teléfono. To say telephone in Spanish, you would say “Teléfono” or “El teléfono”.

  • Pick up the receiver
  • Say “telefono”
  • Speak your conversation
  • Wait for the other person to say hello

How to say telephone in Spanish: telefono

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Phone Numbers In Spanish?

In Spanish, phone numbers are written out in full with the area code and local number. For example, the phone number for a business in New York City would be written as 212-555-1234.

How Do I Say Telephone?

In English, the word ‘telephone’ is written as one word. It is pronounced as TELL-ih-fuh-nuh.

Is Teléfono Masculine Or Feminine?

Teléfono is masculine.


Spanish has two words for telephone: el teléfono and el teléfono móvil. El teléfono is the standard word for telephone, while el teléfono móvil is the word for mobile phone.

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