How To Say Thankyou In German

The most common way to say “thank you” in German is “danke.” You can use this word by itself, or you can add the person’s name to personalize it (“danke, Herr Mueller”). If you want to emphasize how grateful you are, you can say “vielen Dank” or “danke sehr.”

4 Steps to Say Thankyou In German

Thank you very much in German is “Vielen Dank”. You can use this phrase to say thank you in almost any situation.

In a world where English is not the only language spoken, it is important to learn how to say “thank you” in as many languages as possible. German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, so learning how to say “thank you” in German is a valuable skill. There are many reasons to learn how to say “thank you” in German. For one, it shows respect for the speaker’s native language. Additionally, it can come in handy when traveling to German-speaking countries or interacting with German speakers. Finally, learning how to say “thank you” in German demonstrates a willingness to learn about other cultures, which is always a positive trait.

Step 1: How To Say Thank You In German: Danke Schön

It is very easy to say “thank you” in German. The phrase “danke schön” is used very frequently in German-speaking countries and is considered to be very polite.

Step 2: The Phrase Is Pronounced “Dankeh Shoehn”

The German word for “thank you” is “danke.” The phrase “danke schoen” is pronounced “dahn-kuh shayn.” This phrase is used to express gratitude and is generally considered to be more formal than simply saying “danke.”

Step 3: Danke Schön Can Be Used In A Variety Of Situations, Such As When Someone Has Done Something For You, When You Receive A Gift, Or When You Are Complimented

Danke schön can be used in a variety of situations, such as when someone has done something for you, when you receive a gift, or when you are complimented.

Step 4: The Phrase Can Be Used Both Informally And Formally

The phrase “thank you” can be used both informally and formally in German. To say “thank you” informally, you can say “danke” or “vielen Dank.” To say “thank you” formally, you can say “danke sehr” or “vielen Dank.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Thanks In German German Language?

Thank you in German is “danke.”

How Do You Reply To Danke In German?

The most common response to “Danke” in German is “Bitte” or “Keine Ursache”.

How Do You Use Danke In A Sentence?

Danke is used as a response to thank someone.

How Do You Reply In German?

The most common way to say “hello” in German is “Guten Tag”. Other ways to say “hello” are “Hallo” and “Servus”.


Thanking someone in German is very similar to English. You can say “danke,” “danke schön,” or “vielen Dank.”

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