How To Say Wassup In Japanese

In Japanese, “wasabi” is the word for the spicy green paste that is often served with sushi. It is pronounced “wah-sah-bee.”

How To Say Wassup In Japanese

In Japanese, “what’s up?” is “okaeri nasai” or simply “okaeri”.

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  • You can also say 何か飲みに行
  • Say “what’s up?” in japanese by saying 何やってるの? (nani yatteruno?)

1. There are several ways to say “what’s up” in Japanese, depending on the context and the level of formality. The most informal way to say “what’s up” is “nani?” (なに?), which can be translated as “What?” or “What’s going on?” Another informal way to say “what’s up” is “anata no koto wa dou desu ka?” (

Frequently Asked Questions

What Genki Means?

Genki is a Japanese word that roughly means “healthy,” “vigorous,” or “energetic.” It can be used to describe someone who is in good health and has a lot of energy, or to describe something that is lively and fun.

What Is Wassup In Japanese?


What Is Korosu In Japan?

Korosu is a verb meaning “to kill” in Japanese. It can be used as a standalone verb or as part of a compound word.

To Summarize

The word “wassup” is not used in Japan, so it may be difficult for Japanese speakers to understand what you are trying to say. You could try using the word “hello” or “what’s up?” to greet someone instead.

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