How To Say Welcome In Japanese

In Japanese, there are a few different ways to say “welcome.” The most common way to say “welcome” is “ようこそ,” which is pronounced “yōkoso.” This is the standard way to say “welcome” in Japanese. There are also a few other ways to say “welcome,” such as “こんにちは” (konnichiwa), which is pronounced “kon-nee-chee

How To Say Welcome In Japanese

There are many ways to say “welcome” in Japanese. Here are a few: おかえりなさい (okaerinasai) – Welcome back! ようこそ (youkoso) – Welcome! こんにちは (konnichiwa) – Hello!

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  • You can also say “arigatou gozaimasu” to say thank you
  • Say “welcome” in japanese by saying “konnichiwa.”

-How to say ‘Welcome’ in Japanese: おめでとうございます (omedetou gozaimasu)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Japan’S Greeting?

There are a few greetings in Japan, but the most common is “hello” or “good morning.”

What Is The Reply To Arigato?

“Arigato gozaimasu” is the formal reply to “Thank you” in Japanese.

Why Is The Japanese Greeting Important?

The Japanese greeting is important because it is a way to show respect to someone.


Welcome in Japanese is “ようこそ” (yōkoso). It is a formal greeting, so it should be used when meeting someone for the first time, or when meeting someone important.

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