How To Say Wife In Korean

There is no one word for “wife” in Korean. The closest word would be 아내 (anae), but this word can also mean “woman,” “married woman,” or “lady.” When specifically referring to someone’s wife, Koreans typically use a phrase such as 그녀의 아내 (geu-nyeo-ui anae), which means “her wife.”

How To Say Wife In Korean

In Korean, the word for wife is 아내 (anae).

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  • wife is 아내 in korean. 2. to say “my wife” in korean, say “내 아내” or “nae ae”. 3. to

1. Wife is 아내 in Korean. 2. 아내 is pronounced “ah-nay”. 3. 아내 has multiple meanings, one of which is “wife”. 4. 가족의 모든 여성을 아내라고 합니다. This means

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Otoke Korean?

Otoke Korean is a traditional form of Korean storytelling that combines spoken word, song, and dance.

Do You Say Wife In Korean?

Yes, 혼술 (honsul) is the word for “wife” in Korean.

What Is Otoke In Korean Language?

Otoke is a Korean word that literally means “sound.” It is used most commonly to refer to the sound of someone’s voice, but can also be used to describe any type of sound.

In The End

In order to say “wife” in Korean, you would say “아내” (Ah-nay).

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