How To Say Win In Spanish

In Spanish, “ganar” means “to win”. In order to say “I won” in Spanish, you would say “Yo gané”.

How To Say Win In Spanish

In Spanish, “ganar” is the word for “to win.” To say “I won,” you would say “Gane yo” or “Yo gane.”

1. A Spanish-English dictionary 2. A computer with internet access 3. A basic understanding of Spanish grammar 4. Patience!

  • first, say “ganar” in spanish. 2. next, use a contraction and say “gano” in spanish. 3. finally, pronounce the “n” at the end of “gano

1. First, you need to know how to say “win” in Spanish. The word for “win” in Spanish is “ganar”. 2. To say “I won”, you would say “Yo gané”. 3. To say “We won”, you would say “Nosotros ganamos”. 4. To say “He won”, you would say “Él ganó”. 5. To say “She won”,

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Como Él Dice In English?

He says “como él dice” in English.

¿Qué Bueno Mean In Spanish?

“What does “bueno” mean in Spanish?” “Good, well, okay.”

¿Como Tú Spanish To English?

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In Spanish, “ganar” is the word for “to win.”

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