How To Say You Are Very Nice In Spanish

In Spanish, “you are very nice” can be translated as “eres muy amable”. This is a simple way to say “thank you” or “nice to meet you” in Spanish.

How To Say You Are Very Nice In Spanish

In Spanish, you can say “eres muy simp├ítica” to mean “you are very nice.”

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the tools and materials you need to say “you are very nice” in Spanish will vary depending on your level of fluency and the context in which you want to use the phrase. However, some basics that you may need include a dictionary, a grammar guide, and a conversation partner. If you want to be able to say “you are very nice” in Spanish confidently and correctly, it is highly recommended

  • Say “you are very nice” in spanish by saying “eres muy amable.”
  • Note that “muy” is used to denote that something is very true

-There are many ways to say “you are very nice” in Spanish. -Some expressions are “eres muy simp├ítico/a,” “eres una persona muy agradable,” or “eres encantador/a.” -All of these expressions mean that the person is kind, friendly, and likable. -Spanish speakers often use these expressions as a way to compliment someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’S Muy Bien Mean?

Muy bien means “very good” in Spanish.

What Does Amable?

The name Amable is of French origin and means “lovable”.

Is Amable Masculine Or Feminine?

The name Amable is French and the gender is not specifically mentioned. However, in French feminine names typically end in a vowel and masculine names typically end in a consonant.

In Summary

In Spanish, to say that someone is very nice, you can say that they are muy amable.

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