How To Say You Are Welcome In German

In German, you say “Herzlich willkommen,” which means “heartily welcome.”

How To Say You Are Welcome In German

There is no one definitive way to say “you are welcome” in German. A few possibilities include: “Herzlich willkommen,” “Bienvenue,” or “Welcome.”

Greeting card, pen, paper

  • Thank you for having me!
  • I am honored to be here
  • Thank you for your hospitality

There are a few ways to say “you’re welcome” in German. The most common way is “danke schön,” which means “thank you very much.” You can also say “entschuldigung” or “guten tag” to someone who has welcomed you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bitte Mean You’Re Welcome?

Yes, “Bitte” is German for “please” and it also means “you’re welcome.”

How Do You Reply To Danke In German?

Thank you in German is “Danke schön.”

What Do You Say After Bitte?

There are a few things you could say after “bitte” depending on the context and tone. You could say “danke” which means thank you, or “vielen Dank” which means thank you very much. You could also say “prost” which is a word for cheers or goodbye.


In German, “Wilkommen” is the word for “welcome.” To say “you are welcome,” you can say “Herzlich willkommen” or “Ihr seid willkommen.”

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