How To Say Your Welcome In Finnish

There is no one way to say “welcome” in Finnish, as the word can be used in a variety of contexts with different meanings. However, some common expressions that can be used to say “welcome” in Finnish include tervetuloa (literally “come in”), hyvää päivää (literally “good day”), and bienvenue.

How To Say Your Welcome In Finnish

In Finnish, the word for “welcome” is tervetuloa. It is pronounced “tuh-veh-too-loh-ah”.

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  • Use finnish phrasebook to find the phrase for “hello” and “thank you” say “tervetuloa” to greet someone say “kiitos” to say thank you

There are a few ways to say “welcome” in Finnish. You can say “tervetuloa” to say hello and “welcome” at the same time. You can also say “tervetuloa” when someone arrives, or “hyvää matkaa” when someone is leaving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Word For Thanks In Finnish?

There is no word for “thanks” in Finnish. The closest word would be kiitos, but it has a much wider range of meanings than “thanks.”

What Is The Short Way To Say Thanks?

There isn’t a short way to say thank you, but there are many expressions of gratitude. Some expressions are “thank you,” “thanks,” “much obliged,” “your welcome,” and “my pleasure.”

What Are Some Common Phrases In Finnish?

Some common phrases in Finnish include: “Kiitos” for “thank you”, “Mitä?” for “What?”, and “Hyvää päivää” for “Good day”.

To Summarize

In Finnish, the traditional way to say “welcome” is tervetuloa. This phrase can be translated to mean “you are welcome” or “glad to have you here.” There are also a few other ways to say “welcome” in Finnish, such as hyvää päivää (good day), moikka (hi), or kiva tavata (nice to meet you).

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