How To Sign Ask In Asl

There is no one definitive way to sign “ASK” in ASL. However, some common methods include signing the word “ASK” itself, signing “CAN YOU PLEASE?” or signing “DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION?”

How To Sign Ask In Asl

The ASL sign for “ask” can be done in a few ways. One way is to make a “U” shape with your hand, and then move it downwards in a motion as if you are pointing to something. Another way to do it is to make a fist and then extend your thumb out while keeping your fingers curled.

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  • Next, move your dominant hand forward and up,
  • Start by making the asl sign for ‘i’. this is done by extending your dominant arm out from your shoulder, with your palm facing down and your fingers straight

-When asking a question in ASL, use a downward inflection at the end of the sentence. -Make sure to use facial expressions and body language to convey the question. -Be sure to keep your hands in a neutral position when asking a question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Ask A Question In Asl?

Yes, you can ask a question in ASL.

How Do You Ask Where In Asl?

In order to ask where in ASL, you must first know how to sign the location words. Once you know how to sign the location words, you would use a questioning facial expression and sign the word “WHERE” while pointing to the location you want clarification on.

How Do You Sign Your Name On Ask?

In ASL, the sign for “sign your name” is made by forming the letters S-I-G-N in the air with your dominant hand. You then touch your non-dominant hand to your chest and say your name.


To sign “ASK” in ASL, start with the ASL letter “A” and hold it with your dominant hand in front of your mouth. Move your hand down while opening your palm, as if you are asking a question.

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