How To Sign Cousin In Asl

ASL (American Sign Language) is a visual-spatial language that uses hand gestures and facial expressions to communicate. To sign “cousin” in ASL, hold your right hand in front of your chest, with your thumb pointing up. Touch the tips of your left thumb and index finger together and extend them away from your body. Move your left hand down and to the right, parallel to the ground.

How To Sign Cousin In Asl

There is no one way to sign cousin in ASL. It may vary depending on the region or dialect. However, here is one common way to sign it: Cousin: Start with your right hand in the “A” handshape, and touch the thumb of your left hand to the tips of your right fingers. Then, move your left hand up and away from your right hand.

A pencil, paper, and a willing participant.

  • Have the cousin write their name on a sheet of paper
  • The signer cups their hands in front of their chest and makes the motion of signing someone in
  • Have the signer write their name next to the cousin’s name

below -How to sign “cousin” in ASL -When to use “cousin” in ASL Cousin Signing “cousin” in ASL is done by making the same handshape as for “I” and moving it horizontally from the mouth to the temple on the side of the head. This signing is typically used to indicate that someone is a cousin of the speaker. It is important to note that there are

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Sign Family In Asl?

In ASL, family is signed by using the word “HOME.” The signer then makes a motion with their hands that looks like they are drawing a house in the air.

What Handshape Is Family In Asl?

A handshape can be used to represent a family in ASL. The “I love you” handshape is a representation of a family.

What Is How In Asl?

In ASL, how is used as a question word to ask about manner or method. It can be used to ask about how something is done, or how something works.


In ASL, cousins are typically signed by combining the signs for “aunt” and “uncle” with a directional indicator specifying which side of the family the cousin is from. For example, if you wanted to sign “my mother’s brother’s daughter,” you would use the signs for “aunt” and “uncle” followed by a rightward directional indicator.

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