How To Sign Game In Asl

There is no one “correct” way to sign game in ASL. However, the following are some general tips that may help you get started. 1. Start by signing the word “game.” 2. Next, indicate that you want to play the game by using a facial expression that conveys excitement or enthusiasm. 3. Finally, use specific handshapes and movements to communicate the rules of the game.

How To Sign Game In Asl

In American Sign Language (ASL), to sign “game” you would use the manual alphabet to spell out “G-A-M-E.” You would then sign “PLAY” using a “P” handshape and moving it downwards in a slashing motion.

a pencil and paper to write down the signs

  • Select the game you want to play and click “play” you will be redirected to a new page, select your server
  • Login to your account
  • Click “sign in” on the top right corner of the screen

-When signing into a game, make sure to use proper ASL grammar and syntax. -Be sure to identify yourself and the game you are playing. -Use appropriate facial expressions and body language to communicate with your fellow players.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Sign Video Game In Asl?

There is no one definitive way to sign VIDEO GAME in ASL. However, many signers use a version of the sign FOR PLAY which incorporates the letter G handshape (thumb and first two fingers extended) to represent the letter “G” in the word “GAME.”

How Do You Sign Play Sports In Asl?

In ASL, you would sign “PLAY SPORTS” by making a fist and then flicking your thumb up.

How Do You Sign Football Game In Asl?

Football game in ASL is typically signed by using the manual alphabet to spell out “football.”


To sign “game” in ASL, hold your hands out in front of you, palms up and fingers spread. Move them in a quick, chopping motion as if you are cutting something in half.

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